Why I Keep Brining Up the “A-Word”

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Why I Keep Brining Up the “A-Word”

Lets face it, not a lot of people want to talk about the ‘a-word’…abortion, and those that do want to talk about it are more than likely the over zealous condemning type that like to throw darts of judgment.

For decades the church has turned it’s back and kept quiet about the issue of abortion. For majority of us, we have fulfilled our Christian duty by making sure we  vote for the ‘pro-choice’ candidate on the ballot, which is good, but its not enough my dear friends.

Statistics say that 43% of women have had an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45. This is almost half of the women walking around in our schools, places of work, grocery stores, and yes, even our churches.

When faced with the reality of such daunting numbers and then hearing the effects of abortions on women of every age, I decided I had to do something and that is what birthed our Bible study, “Surrendering the Secret.”

I know many of you may feel uncomfortable that we are doing such a study? You might wonder what people will think of our church, of you if you share the Facebook ad. I understand, but let me share a little bit more about the women who will be attending this study.

Women who have had abortions have often times kept it a secret for years. I know of a woman who had not told anyone of her abortion for over 40 years. With this stuffing of their secret they are overtaken by guilt, shame, unworthiness, and anger. Almost half of the women who have had abortions at some point face suicidal thoughts.

Satan has trapped women in their secret so much that they don’t believe they deserve the love of God…the forgiveness of God. When I look at the life of Jesus He didn’t do ‘pretty ministry.’ It was messy with messy people all tied up in their sins, but he met them in their lives offered love and forgiveness and they ran away proclaiming His goodness and grace.

I pray that Sachse’s First Baptist Church is willing to step into the messy. That we aren’t scared to get our hands dirty and our hearts broken over the people God loves and wants to show His grace to. I hope that you would pray over, weep with, and come alongside those who desperately need to be freed from the lies that they aren’t good enough for God.

So there are two groups of you reading this. The first is the woman who any time the word ‘abortion’ is mentioned you start to sweat and scan the crowd of who might be looking at you. That the questions of “what will they think of me” the fear of judgement is all over your face. You are welcome here. Your hurt and your pain need Jesus to heal them. Your sin is no different that any of ours. We are all broken! Let this be the year that you ‘surrender your secret’ and find God’s love and forgiveness. Email jackicking@mac.com or you can call 214.364.1911. All inquiries and those who attend the study are kept completely confidential.

To the rest of you; will you join me with spreading the news of our new bible study. Will you take the risk of looking politically incorrect on your facebook wall and share our banner. Or maybe you take some flyers with you and put them up at your place of work, or email it to your local family and friends. Lets get our hands dirty a bit, and see how God picks up, makes clean, and redeems the women in our church, families, and community.

Laboring with you,

Jacki King


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