Dating and Divorcing The Church

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Dating and Divorcing The Church

I am busy trying to get ready for two speaking events coming up and haven’t had a ton of time to blog on lifes happenings and God experiences. So I reached into the blog vault and am reposting one from a year ago. I hope you are challenged and encouraged by it, and as always I’d love to hear your feedback….

Do you ever get tired of so many meaningless relationships? I mean, currently I have 1,033 friends on Facebook. I stalk them they stalk me, but do we really know each other? Most of the time I feel like its my duty to be civil and honorable to everyone. That I am suppose to walk around with a smile and really try to minister and love on each and every person, which I honestly on my good day try to do.

But, I look at things and I am sitting here on my couch and I feel like there is this craving. A God given craving no doubt, but a desire to really know people. For people to be committed to me and me to them. That there isn’t a picture of a nice fluffy cloud that we all sit and float around on as we smile and think well of each other, but they know my junk and I know theirs and we still like each other.

I feel like there have been minor divorces throughout my life. Some because of my actions, some because of circumstances, but where people walk out or are ripped out of my life and there is this hole left.

So these feelings and these thoughts make things so real for the need of community. The need for church. I have been in the ministry for quite some time and I have to say it feels like there are often times more divorces than marriages in the church, and I’m not saying between husband and wife, but between the church as a whole.

Or maybe I’m putting too much on people and really it is more where most of a ‘dating’ relationship of trying casually to get to know one another. We might go out to eat a couple times, have the casual conversations each week, but it never really hits the next level. We are too scared to commit to one another for the fear of being hurt, or the realization that we are just too selfish and lazy to get outside of ourselves. And so we stay surface and shallow.

Dating…divorcing….or marrying, in other terms committing.

When we taste the marriage and the depth of commitment in Christian community I think we can’t help but want more and want others to have it. It is almost like a drug that you want to keep going back for and this exact feeling is a taste of God.

I know in the times that I have really been able to struggle, and hear the heart of other young women, and we spend hours discussing how Jesus is colliding into our lives during various circumstances, it feels like it is a little taste of what Heaven will be like.There is this walking alongside, thinking often, and fighting together this battle of life.

I wonder where we lost our drive to dig deep into community. To love hard even when its not popular or even something we want to do. To sink our heels in when everyone else leaves. We give up and divorce those we are in community with, and we spend years dating and sipping coffee each Sunday morning.

As the church we need to look and strive for deeper relationships. Ones that call us out on our junk, not stroke our egos and make us feel good about ourselves. We need to be willing to ask hard questions and expect hard answers. The church is not meant for the shallow. It is meant for deep hurting real people that are broken and come together on one thing alone, Jesus.

So I guess I’m asking, will you marry me?

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