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Just A Normal Girl

To The Weary Pastor’s Wife….Keep Going

There is no seminary course or Scripture reading plan that prepared me for being a pastor’s wife. Sure there were tools that I was given and questions to think through. My favorite were the statistics that talked about how hard this journey would be on my marriage, on my kids, on my own pursuit of…
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Don’t Waste Your Motherhood

When Josh and I were first married we had some great friends the Bednars. We were serving in a new city, at a new church, in a new stage of life, and they were just a step ahead of us. As we were basking in the greatness of newlywed bliss they were in the throws…
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Are You A Cheerleader?

I had a very brief span of my life marked by the sleeveless shell top and pleated skirt. To give it my own jr. high flare I wore it with my cool white tube socks and my hair slicked back with half a can of hairspray doused on it. My sincere apologies planet earth for…
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