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Just A Normal Girl

Are You A Cheerleader?

I had a very brief span of my life marked by the sleeveless shell top and pleated skirt. To give it my own jr. high flare I wore it with my cool white tube socks and my hair slicked back with half a can of hairspray doused on it. My sincere apologies planet earth for…
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Normally I’m not at a loss for words. From my very first days of school I was constantly getting in trouble for ‘talking too much’ and constantly disrupting the class. I wish I could say it was a spiritual gift, but its not. But last Thursday night I was having a hard time for words.…
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Seeking Weakness in 2014

I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been thrown into a new year with hardly any time to really swallow all that happened in the last one. My social media and conversations around me have all revolved around resolutions and new beginnings, and I’m lacking in being able to really add…
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