// About Jacki

Just A Normal Girl

You grow up most of your life being told that you need to break out of the norm. That you need to excel at your highest possible potential, and if you are like me I found out really quick that even with all my ferver and energy I kept landing on being ‘just the normal girl.’ The beautiful thing about that though is that when I read the Bible, these big stories of God doing big things its filled with normal people like you and me. There are

moms, and daughters, and hard workers, and crazy ladies all in the the midst of this huge story that God wrote and is writing. So Now I don’t fight it so much. Normal is the new Black.

I’m a wife to my best friend and college sweetheart Josh King who is the lead pastor of Sachse’s Church. I’m a mom to three goofy, energetic, and crazy unique boys: Haddon (9), Leland (7), and our adopted little man Amos (4).
I received my degree from The Criswell College and have been serving in ministry and teaching for over 15 years.

You probably won’t find a lot of life’s answers here, but I hope you will join me in what it looks like to wrestle and dream about this big beautiful things that God can do in our normal everyday lives. Whether you’re a mom changing diapers, or a friend chatting over coffee, the gal in the next cubicle, or the random lady at Target, I think God has big plans for normal girls like you and me.